December 3, 2009

Quoddy Ring Boots

Earlier this week I was invited to attend a Customer Appreciation Night at Gravity Pope. I went without the intention of buying anything until I stumbled across these.

I've been intrigued by the idea of ring boots for a while and these Quoddy ones had been leading the way. I had no idea Gravity Pope carried Quoddy but supposedly they had just got them in. After trying them on I can say that they are amazingly comfortable. The leather is very thick and oiled feeling.  I can picture myself wearing them with some rolled brown cargo pants, a light brown leather belt, and a blue linen workshirt in the summer time. I didn't end up purchasing them but I'm still thinking about them. Maybe Santa will be especially nice this year. Another crappy pic taken from by Blackberry after the leap.


  1. You'd look hella sexy in those
    -Sam Pankiw

  2. i'd prefer boat shoes with a nice casual, and extempore polo. I summery orange to better your mood in the winter. Along with adventitious pants.

  3. You should definitely purchase these