October 31, 2011

Pickups from Japan: Part 4 - Truck

One of the stores I was most excited to visit in Japan was the Truck Furniture showroom in Osaka. I think it was in an older issue of Monocle that I first heard about the brand. Getting to the store was quite the adventure as it was nowhere near our hotel, it was a scorcher of a day, and we struggled to find it once emerging from the subway. First thing we did was take a number for the cafe they run, Bird Coffee, before heading to the showroom to cool down. The showroom was as nice as I hoped, with all their furniture, smaller items, and zakka on display. After taking my time to sit on the couches and chairs, flip through their catalogues, and raffle through the clothing, I did manage to grab some memorabilia. Pictured above is a small ceramic bowl, a wooden tray (where I keep my keys), and a simple blue bracelet. 
After we had finished shopping, our number had been displayed for the cafe and we headed over for lunch. All the furniture and housewares used at the cafe are from their catalogue and it was a great opportunity to see if in action. Not to mention that the food, coffee and doughnuts were all delicious as well. 
Inside Bird Coffee
Inside the Truck Showroom

October 10, 2011

Pickups from Japan: Part 3 - Uniqlo

A while ago I reduced my wish-list to a handful of items and was fortunate enough check off three during my trip. This is my first navy blazer and it has lots of the features I was looking for: natural shoulders, 3/2 button roll, a trim fit, and long enough for my lanky frame. The grey sweatshirt fits me well and was for a good price. I knew I was going to need a raincoat for when I moved to Vancouver so it was something I was looking for on the trip. This one fits me well and also has a quilted removable liner for those extra cold days during winter. I was also gifted a heat-tech top from my friend Tomoya and it has already come in handy for the cooler days playing soccer outside.