July 31, 2010

Attire: Casual Friday in the Summer

Polo, Chinos, Penny Loafers
I picked up this polo at the Uniqlo in Beijing, the sleeves hit mid-bicep and overall it's pretty trim. I'd recommend it, especially given the $25 price tag.

July 29, 2010

Pickup: RRL Selvedge University Stripe Oxford

I've been looking for a university striped oxford for quite some time now. While browsing the RRL room at Lane Crawford in Hong Kong I spotted this shirt in a small. I asked the salesgirl if they had a medium and she helped me look for awhile. We were about to give up when I spotted the same striped sleeve poking out of a basket high up on the wall. I took it down and managed to find a medium inside, my lucky day as it was on sale too. For those interested it's made from Japanese fabric in Sri Lanka The fit of this shirt is spot on, a little slimmer than my Gant Rugger one but not too tight.

July 27, 2010

Pickup: Small Items from China

I arrived home after a month in China yesterday. Hopefully I'll manage to do a post with some pictures from my trip but here are a few things I brought back with me in the meantime. 
- Longjing Tea
- Socks
- Birkenstocks
- Knapsack
- Japanese Magazines
- Jade Chopsticks
- A Small Town's Book
- Mini Terra Cotta Archer
- Mao Lighter
- Various Muji Items

July 9, 2010

Our Legacy Wallet

With Chris already off to China, I'll be going on my own, not-nearly-as-sweet vacation in a week. First stop is Toronto to watch Man United vs Celtic at Rogers Centre. After the match, I'll have a few days to myself where I'll likely check out some shops. Next I'm headed to Montreal for more of the same. Thanks to Free/man, a blog that all of you should definitely favourite if you haven't already done so, I've discovered Rooney, a Montreal boutique that I'll surely visit while I'm there. I've noted a few items that I'm looking to snag at Rooney, but they're all second best to this Our Legacy Wallet. Let's hope its in stock.