August 29, 2012


From Munich we hopped on a train, where our cabin smelled of puke, for a 6 hour ride to Prague. We'd been told that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and within minutes of leaving the hotel to wander about we had no doubts about that being true. Our hotel was a former restored theatre with art nouveau architecture. We spent the first day walking about aimlessly. It was mostly spent looking at all the intricate buildings. The next day we ventured over the famous Charles Bridge to visit Prague Castle. We ended up eating at a delicious vegetarian restaurant for dinner, which was a nice change, as the trip had been fairly meat heavy to that point. The highlight of the last day was listening to the Prague Royal Orchestra perform at the Municipal House. After checking out of our hotel, we made it to the train station with a few minutes to spare. On the platform we realized we had left the stub that showed our seat reservation numbers in our hotel room. We hopped on, guessed a cabin, and were off to Berlin.

Breakfast area at the hotel

Municipal House

Inside St Vitus Basilica 

The Prague Mango store

Symphony venue inside the Municipal House

Czech countryside

August 26, 2012


Earlier this summer Andrea and I headed to Europe for a two week vacation. The first stop of the trip was Munich, where we spent a few nights. After arriving and settling in at our accommodation we headed to the city centre to spend the rest of the day while trying to beat jetlag. We spent the next day strolling around the Englischer Garten. The park itself was incredible. Small rivers where people can swim and surf. Wide expanses of grass for picnics and beer gardens to enjoy the local wheat beer. That afternoon we also visited the BMW museum where we got to see various models from the company's history. One of my friends had just came back from a 6-week trip around Europe. He recommended that we visit Neuschwanstein castle so that was how we spent our last day in Bavaria.

August 13, 2012

Pickup: Our Legacy Chinos

My last pair of chinos had been ripped to shreds after playing a game of backyard beach volleyball. They had lasted me quite a while but their time had come so I've been on the hunt for a new pair. I'd read good things about Our Legacy on-line and Manav has raved about them. While on a short trip to Europe (more on that to come) I had the chance to try on some chinos in Berlin at Burg & Schild. The fit is impeccable. These will be sure to get a lot of use in the years to come.