December 10, 2009

Next Purchase: Mark McNairy x Continuous Lean Cargo Pants

A few weeks ago, A Continuous Lean launched their online shop. As expected, the shop didn't put out a single item that I wouldn't gladly have in my wardrobe. The collaboration with Mark McNairy was especially eye catching. My favourite piece was the 8 pocket cargo pants. Although $238 usd is a hefty price to pay for cargo pants, they are just too perfect to pass up and an olive coloured pair will likely be my next purchase. Check out the rest of the Mark Mcnairy New Amsterdam collaboration at the new ACL shop. What better way to show the piece, then with a picture of Mark McNairy wearing them himself. If your wondering what the pants could be worn with, I'd say trying to replicate Mr. McNairy's outfit would be a good start. (Picture credit: Mister Mort)


  1. thats my photo. from my website. hmm.

  2. I apologize, I should've linked it. There's one up now