November 30, 2009

First Pair of Selvedge Denim

Back in May I got a pair of APC Petite Standards for my birthday and they happened to be my first pair of selvedge denim as well. After about a week of wearing, a couple of friends and I went for a hike near the river after an evening BBQ. I managed to lose my balance walking across a tree and fell into a pile of mud/clay. I left the jeans to dry overnight and this is what they looked like in the morning.
I was not too sure what to do, so I put them in a bath of cold water and tried to rub out the muck. This worked a little but the bottom half of the jeans were still brown, so I decided to get them dry-cleaned. When I got them back, most of the mud was gone, but they had faint fade lines running down all the long seams which looked a little odd. After 7 months of wearing the lines are still there although not too noticeable. Ill post another update in May when I wash them again.

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