April 30, 2010

Portland General Store

After first reading about Portland General Store over at free/man I decided to order some samples from their Esty store. All their products are hand made using natural ingredients so you can't go wrong especially considering the very reasonable prices. They also make all sorts of other products including after shave and shave jelly. From the samples there are a few I like, but I haven't yet decided which one in particular to order in a larger size.

April 29, 2010

Beginning of Summer

Exams are now over for the time being so we had time to do our 100th post. Thanks for taking the time to read this little project of ours, we appreciate all the comments and support. As for our summer, we plan on writing the LSAT in June, I'll be going to China in July, Manav may be going to New York  to watch some soccer. Otherwise, we plan on spending time enjoying life with friends and family.

April 13, 2010

Nonnative in at Roden Gray

I just found out that Roden Gray got in some of nonnative's spring lineup. Apparently they are the first store in North America to bring in the brand. My favourite pieces that they brought in would have to be the Student Blouson in beige and the Dweller Suit in grey. The prices are pretty high and although I would rather get a Paul Smith suit the items do look good. 

April 10, 2010

Pickup: Pointer Brand Gear

After talking about hickory stripe pants multiple times I have finally been able to get my hands on a pair. Manav's brother gave me a pair as well but these are from Pointer Brand. Based in Bristol, TN, they have been making workwear garments since 1913. Their mission statement is "Pointer Brand is for everyone at every age.
It is the best fitting, most comfortable denim clothing made. Our loyal customers trust the quality workmanship, classic styles and great price. Our employees are committed, dedicated and deliver on time. We represent the phrase,Made in America" .The hickory stripe pants may not be for everyone as they are not cut very slim but I like to vary the fit of my pants and they feel well-made and sturdy. I also grabbed an apron for cooking in. The prices they offer are very inexpensive, the hickory stripe jeans are $37 and the apron is $13. 

April 9, 2010

Pickup: Office of Minor Details Cardholder

I had been wanting to get a new wallet for a while. My Nomis one just wasn't cutting it anymore. I had thought about the idea of getting just a cardholder instead. They are much smaller than your normal bi-fold wallet, but we do use a lot of coins here in Canada so I was unsure. Instead of spending a lot of money on a style of wallet that might not work out I got this Office of Minor Details cardholder. Andrea was browsing Etsy a couple weeks ago and showed me this one. Leather, handmade in New Zealand, and only 30$ including shipping I was set. The wallet is hand-stitched with waxed polyester thread from a single piece of New Zealand leather. The leather is nice and soft and I can't wait to see how it holds up and the patina that it takes on.

April 5, 2010

Easter on the Farm

This Easter weekend I headed out to my grandparents farm in rural Alberta. When I was younger I used to stay out there for extended periods of time and I still love coming back. It's classified as a llama farm but they also keep cows, chickens, peacocks, peasants, and chuckers. I figured I'd take the opportunity to take some pictures from the trip. 

April 3, 2010

Pickup: Gant Rugger Selvedge Oxford Shirt

One of Manav's friends who works at Harry Rosen told him that they had gotten their Gant Rugger shipment in for Spring, so I stopped by on Friday to check it out. After spotting the blue with yellow stripes selvedge oxford cloth button-down that I had been eyeing online I quickly tried it on and then walked out of the store with a great new shirt to my name. Douglas from Gant Rugger was kind enough to fill me in on the origins of the shirt. This particular shirt was based off of a 1960's shirt that Gant made for the famous Yale Co-op store in New Haven, CT, which is also the city in which Gant was founded in 1949. All the of the Gant Rugger collection is based off Gant's rich archives, from original fabric recreations to original details and measurements. After seeing how perfectly this shirt fit me and eyeing the rest of their collection as well, I can safely say that this won't be my last Gant Rugger purchase.
Selvedge Oxford Cloth
The removed locker loop signifying that the owner has been spoken for.
Douglas sent me this picture of the original Gant shirt that my shirt was based on. Thanks again Douglas.

April 1, 2010

Pickup: Small Items

My first Moleskin, a good movie, and a pocket knife.

Momotaro Parka

I was recently tipped off to this parka thanks to Mister Crew. I already have a vintage Woolrich parka but this Momotaro one is just too nice not to post. Made from a sulfur dyed satin with a red flannel lining the colours on this are great. It also features Momotaro's signature war stripes which I'm a fan of as well. Rakuten also has some pretty cool Momotaro tees as well.