August 31, 2010

Wings + Horns Spring/Summer 2011

I recently noticed that Wings + Horns updated their website with some pictures of both this upcoming season's gear along with next spring/summer's. Of all the seasons that I've followed Wings + Horns this may be my favourite yet. All the pieces look very wearable with standouts having to be the rust coloured trench and the various styles of pants. Despite them being a Canadian brand with production taking place in Canada I still have yet to own any of their pieces. This spring, that will hopefully change.

August 24, 2010

Chemise Nationale Wabash Workshirt

Another great item from the National Anthem camp is this wabash workshirt. I've mentioned before that wabash is a nice alternative to chambray and not as common. This one is more affordable than the ones I posted before and it's made in Canada to boot. Now that the weather is starting to cool this would be a great addition to any wardrobe. Available through Rakuten.
Pocket design
A semi-floating pocket. Apparently originally designed to stop your money and tobacco from getting wet.
A close up shot of the wabash fabric
The reverse side of the fabric

August 21, 2010

Watches from Inception

I just finished watching Inception. One of the things I noticed right away were the classy looking timepieces the characters were wearing. Now, I'll admit I pretty much know nothing about watches but these models look pretty close to me. The first shot for each watch is a screenshot from the movie. Please feel free to correct me as, mentioned earlier, I am no watch expert.

August 16, 2010

Paddington Bear

I was going through the bookshelf today when I found a collection of stories that I used to read all the time as a kid. Paddington was a little bear from the Darkest Peru who always managed to get into trouble  and stay polite throughout. His outfit was simple yet classic; a duffle coat, wide-brim hat, and a battered leather suitcase which always accompanied him on his adventures. I think we can all take a little inspiration from Paddington. 

August 9, 2010

Montreal Pickups

I'm back from Montreal, and while all the good stories may not make it onto this blog, I can definitely say I had a great trip. Almost too good of a trip, leaving me limited time for shopping. Fortunately I did check out Rooney, and managed to snag the Our Legacy wallet I mentioned earlier along with 5 other items. I picked up a pair of Velour chinos and a Gitman s/s button down for myself and 3 other shirts for my brothers and a friend. The shop was everything I expected and more. I was helped by the owner, Alex Danino, on my first visit and another gentleman the second time I stopped by. Both of them were great guys and extremely helpful. My shopping was predominantly done at Rooney but I also grabbed a Gitman tie and Blick bowtie from Simon's and a Naked and Famous oxford elsewhere. Here's my stuff