December 5, 2009

Trying to Look Sharp Stuck in a Snowstorm

When I do make a rare purchase at the GAP, too often do I feel like I've settled for something subpar. However, as of late the GAP has began putting out product lines that are catching my eyes as a good source of staple clothing. Low and behold, my most recent purchases were from the GAP. I've been looking for a suitable puffer vest that's both warm and stylish since the beginning of winter and the GAP has supplied me with a sufficient one. I opted for army green as its a great colour for winter wear. I also picked up a nice looking ribbed tuque that'll go with pretty much everything. Coincidentally, yesterday was the year's first big snow storm and a night out in downtown Edmonton called for a good looking outfit that would be warm. I managed to incorporate my new vest, and of course i decided on a few layers. Oh, and right before leaving I had to do a little bit of snow shoveling to get my car back on the driveway.
Outfit includes a pair of boots made by Clarks Originals, a pair of raw denim jeans by Naked and Famous, shawl cardigan style blazer by Lark and Wolff, puffer vest by Gap, white button down oxford by Corpus, chambray bowtie from American Apparel, gold Capital watch by Nixon, captain toggle duffle Coat by D collection. Also, I feel like "Horchata" by Vampire Weekend is a good theme song for this post so give it a listen.

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