November 30, 2009

First Pair of Selvedge Denim

Back in May I got a pair of APC Petite Standards for my birthday and they happened to be my first pair of selvedge denim as well. After about a week of wearing, a couple of friends and I went for a hike near the river after an evening BBQ. I managed to lose my balance walking across a tree and fell into a pile of mud/clay. I left the jeans to dry overnight and this is what they looked like in the morning.
I was not too sure what to do, so I put them in a bath of cold water and tried to rub out the muck. This worked a little but the bottom half of the jeans were still brown, so I decided to get them dry-cleaned. When I got them back, most of the mud was gone, but they had faint fade lines running down all the long seams which looked a little odd. After 7 months of wearing the lines are still there although not too noticeable. Ill post another update in May when I wash them again.

November 29, 2009


When we sat down to put our first post in to writing, we weren’t really sure what to talk about.We figured it would be best to keep it nice and short. We’re pretty much a two-man team, Chris and Manav, currently in the Business Law program at the University of Alberta. Although our suggested career paths may indicate otherwise, we have a shared interest in men’s style. We may not be experts in the subject, but we do strive to increase our knowledge in the process.
We tried to come up with a name that shows where we ‘re from. Edmonton isn’t the warmest place in the world; in fact it’s pretty cold, well at least in the winter. Given the vast majority of American blogs we follow, we thought we’d add some cold Canadian content into the mix. Lots of the blogs we follow don’t quite fit for our climate, come this time of year. Nor do we feel they give enough attention to Canadian made clothing. Although we don’t really know everything about clothes made in Canada we thought this would be a good opportunity to learn about and do some research on the subject.
We’ll try to focus on what we like, what we’re wearing, and occasionally our other interests as well. Below is a little collage of some of our clothes.
Feel free to leave any comments or to send us an email. Enjoy.
Additional shots: