February 26, 2010

Barber Shops: Duggan

Next up on the list of barber shops to try was the Duggan Barber Shop, located on 100-3905 106 Street which is conveniently really close to my house. When I walked in there was a customer in the chair and 2 others waiting for a cut. There were 2 barber chairs and another broken down one in the corner. The atmosphere was good. Everyone was talking about hockey with the America Finland game on the TV. The barber (I didn't catch his name) also had which appeared to be good chats with everyone. He knew all their names and what they did etc. When it was my turn for a cut he asked me about my truck and how I liked it. He seemed to know a lot about trucks in addition to hockey. He worked quickly and thoroughly and was in general a nice guy. Hot shaves did not appear to be offered although that's not a deciding factor for me. The cut cost $14.

February 25, 2010

L.L. Bean Signature

This photo itself makes me excited for March and the launch of L.L Bean's new Signature line. The preview has already been covered extensively so I'll leave it at this, if you haven't, check out the website and the video. I've already watched it a half a dozen times.

February 24, 2010

Attire: Winter Day at School

Parka, down vest, chambray, fatigue pants, boots.

February 23, 2010

Vintage Pickup: L.L. Bean Down Vest

Although there is only a few months of Winter left I was finally able to track down a down vest. As I've stated earlier I'm a fan of snaps on a down vest rather than a zipper and this L.L. Bean vest just happens to fit that bill. I was on the hunt for a tan coloured down vest so I was lucky enough to stumble across this one . It's my first down vest and is sure to get a lot of wear in the remaining cold months.

February 22, 2010

Thinking About: Canoe Mocs

After coming back from Mexico I've got spring on my mind more than ever. Another kind of footwear that I am missing in my arsenal is the canoe moccasin. These would be ideal for kicking it around the camp site or just walking about town. I'm not really sure if there is a difference between a canoe moc and a camp moc so if anyone knows feel free to let me know. Here are a few options.
L.L. Bean $69.00
Orvis $198.00
Seavee's $140.00
Yuketen 36,540円
Minnetonka $50.00

February 15, 2010

Woolrich Woolen Mills Sunset Pant

Context received their newest shipment of Woolrich Woolen Mills in recently. I would have to say that these pants are my favourite item from the ones they got in, Made from windsor poplin and inspired by California's surfing heritage these would look great in the summer worn with a polo and some bucks. 

February 13, 2010

Getting Suited for Mexico #5: Swimming Trunks

Getting nice looking swimming trunks can often be a difficult task.  I like a simple colour scheme and a good fit.  I try and stay as far away from surfer shorts as possible.  Here's what I'm going to be going with in Mexico.  Catch you all when we're back.

Getting Suited for Mexico #4: Attire

As Chris mentioned, our trip to Mexico isn't too far away.  Here's one of my likely outfits.  

Getting Suited for Mexico #3: Attire: Reading Week in Mexico

Manav and I are off to Mexico tomorrow for a week. It's nice to have a break after exams and what better way than sitting on the beach, sipping a beer, and wearing some madras and vans.

February 8, 2010


Another Japanese brand but this this available right in town thanks to Haven. I first noticed Bedwin due to their short films on This is Not New. These are some of my favourite shots from their upcoming spring/summer collection. All of these are looks that I would like to  and will be trying to wear in the upcoming warmer months.

February 7, 2010

Worn & Tested: Nike Zoom Force 1

Earlier on this season I decided to sell my old snowboard boots at a swap as they were too small and just too uncomfortable to ride through. My last 2 pairs of boots were Burton so I decided to mix it up and try a pair of Nike boots who are on their 2nd year of putting out snowboard boots. Nike put out 2 models of men's boots this year: The Zoom Force 1 and the Zoom Kaiju. I opted for the Zoom Force 1s because that's all I had the budget for. After a few months of riding at the local hill and a trip to Fernie in December I thought it was time to write a review. The first difference I noticed was that they were actually the right size and hence much nicer to ride in. The toe box seems a little bigger than they did in the Burton Ions. They've comfy and don't loosen up by the end of the day. My last pair of boots had Burton's speedzone lacing so these don't lace up as quickly but I do have more control over which areas have the right tension. In terms of flex these boots are great. Not too stiff for park and not too loose for the rest of the mountain. Although I am happy with these boots and will be riding them for another season after this for sure I would expect Nike's boots to improve substantially over the next couple of years as they are new entrants into the snowboard market and their massive budget doesn't hurt either.
The inner lacing system. Easier to get tight than Burton's version but it takes longer to do.
The tread pattern on the boots is grippy but almost too sharp as I often scratch my hands on them. 
The locking lace loop. This broke on one of my boots after 4 months of riding and although it's been slightly fixed it's still not perfect. 

February 5, 2010

Winter Hike

After school today I decided to go for a little hike to try out my new Jansport knapsack and work on my photography. I headed to rainbow valley ravine where I used to go tobogganing with friends most days after school. 
The race hill.
We dropped this back in the day.
Woolrich 60/40 parka, Osh Kosh Hickory Stripe chore coat, Holden pants, Jansport bag, and Sorels.
Fallen tree to cross.
Snow covered leaves.

February 4, 2010

Raul Meireles

As I've mentioned before, along with fashion, football is one of my biggest passions. However, there are very few footballers that have a fashionable image on the pitch. Without question, one of them has got to be Portugese midfielder Raul Meireles. Good footballer as well, just plays for the wrong club.

Gant Rugger

The first time I encountered Gant was when my friend Chris and I were at Winner's looking for random stuff (Team China basketball jerseys) we found this shirt that just said Gant across the front. We thought it was some sort of joke and slang word we had never heard before. Unbeknownst to us was that Gant is/was a large player in American sportswear. Fast forward to today where I am looking at the newly brought back Gant Rugger, who's website launched earlier this week, I am liking what I am seeing. Rugger is Gant's more youthful causal line and their website stays true to that. Their offerings are pretty consistent with what I wear in the summer whether it be madras & oxford cloth shirts to chinos. They're even offering a selvedge oxford cloth shirt which has definitely shot up my 'to buy' list. Apparently you can pick their stuff up at Epaulet or in Edmonton at Glam Slam and Harry Rosen