December 8, 2009

Read: Inventory Magazine Issue 1

The boys over at Inventory published their first print magazine a couple of weeks ago and they really outdid themselves. Although it arrived a couple of weeks ago, I lent it to Manav to read but now it's back in my hands so I can take some pictures. Ryan, Owen, and Simon's passion for what they do really comes through in their writing and throughout the magazine in general. This issue had features on Nigel Cabourn, Willo Perron, Mister Freedom, and Daiki Suzuki just to name a few. If I had to pick, my favourite articles would be the ones on Yuki Matsuda of Yuketen, Illustrated Examples, and Levi's Vintage Collection. I'll be waiting until the next issue arrives in the spring, but in the meantime do yourself a favour and pick up Issue #1 over at the Inventory Stockroom.

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