December 9, 2009

Thinking About: Hiking Boots

Now that the snow is out in full force, keeping your feet warm and dry is critical. What's more perfect for these sort of conditions than hiking boots? Most of them are pretty waterproof and high enough to keep the snow out. You can take them out exploring in the mountains or stomping around the city. Either way they look great. I'm a big fan of red laces on hiking boots as it provides a nice contrast. If they don't come with red laces you could always switch them out. Here are a few of my favourite models.

These are made in Canada in Victoria

These may not be hiking boots per say but the aesthetic is similar.

Abington Hiker $190 USD


  1. Chris and Manav,

    I like the blog! I have to wear dress shoes to work here in Edmonton. Obviously the snow is tough on them. Can I get by with a pair of toe rubbers to protect my shoes? Are they ridiculously un-fashionable?

    My strategy so far has been wearing a pair that are on their way out of my wardrobe, but then I'm stuck at work feeling like a shmuck.

  2. Hi thanks for the comment, While I've never seen anyone wearing them personally galoshes are always an option.

    Here's a brand that makes some

    Also if they're good enough for Michael from A Continuos Lean they're good for most.

    Another option is wearing boots. Depending where you work, work boots will hold up well in the winter and can still look good with a suit. Red Wings are always a good option.

  3. Hi there,

    I thought I'd add my input as well. Like Chris, I haven't seen very many galoshes being worn, so I'd say the safer bet would be a nice pair of boots. Along with Red Wings, Clarks are an option. The Clarks Desert Trek model in a dark leather look great and would likely last you a couple winters.

    Also, you could stick with dress shoes and just use some sort of leather protector. Valet Mag recommended a spray recently. Its the second bullet:

    They mention it for boots, but I think it would work for dress shoes as well.

    Hope that helps. Thanks for the comment