December 17, 2009

Layering and Levi's

I've been looking for a suitable denim jacket for about a month now. I wasn't interested in anything too dark and didn't want to give in to the features that just don't belong on a denim jacket: any zippers, the overly distressed denim, the obscure fading, the endless number of pockets. I just needed something classic. A nice light denim with brown stitching and a good fit. What better way to do classic than Levi's. My search came to an end today and here's what I picked up. I thought I'd put together an outfit with the jacket.

Also, I personally think that layering in the winter time can be the key to a great outfit. More specifically, Chris and I have really been liking the look of wearing multiple button ups this winter. If you get the right fabric and colour combination with multiple shirts, it can really look smart. The outfit below includes a combination that I personally like and I figured it would work well the denim jacket. The outfit includes Levi's denim jacket, Levi's 510 brown jeans, American Apparel black and white gingham button down underneath a thicker yellow O'hanlon Mills button up, black Cole Haan wingtips and GAP ribbed tuque.


  1. I bought a pair of Cole Haan shoes because of your post. Well done!

  2. Are these wingtips black or brown? I can't tell from the picture.