November 21, 2010

Pick Up: Monitaly Chambray

I was in the market for a chambray and Alex over at Rooney suggested this Monitaly one. I'm glad I took his advice as the shirt is beautifully made with some pretty great detailing. This is my first garment from Monitaly, and now I can't help but ask myself why? I made the purchase about a month ago and have already worn the shirt a ridiculous amount.

November 19, 2010

Pickup: Smartwool Camo Socks

I picked up these Smartwool camo socks a few months ago but it hadn't been cold enough to try them out. I woke up today to face -20 degree weather on my walk to school so it was a perfect day for them.

November 8, 2010

Pickup: Tailor Store Shirt #1

If there is one thing that I am lacking in my wardrobe it's dress shirts. After a recommendation from CWAC I decided to try ordering a custom shirt from Tailor Store. The number of combinations that they offer is incredible. From all sorts of cuffs to placket sizes and collar linings. I went for a simple white dress shirt with a spread collar and a few other modifications. Andrea helped me with the measurements and within a few weeks I had a great fitting shirt at my door just in time for a formal event that I was going to.

November 3, 2010

Thanks from Lands' End Canvas

Andrea and I recently ordered a few items from Lands' End Canvas who are having their fall sale right now. In the mail today I was surprised to find a hand-written thank you note from the company. It may not be much, but coming from a large company such as Lands' End it was an unexpected yet nice touch.