March 23, 2010

Read: Free & Easy

    When I was younger the only magazines I would read on a regular basis were snowboarding magazines. Last year I started buying Monocle pretty much every month thinking I was spending a lot, $10 for an Issue. Then last fall I picked up the first issue of the Inventory Magazine for an even pricer $25 with shipping. This week I took it even further spending $35 on my first issue of Free & Easy. Some people may think this is too much to spend on a magazine but I don't think so. Sure it was a bit hard to swallow at first but then I got to thinking about it. These magazines are well crafted. A lot of detail and work go into them. I don't buy them as often so I like to think of them more of as a book. Plus it gives me a chance to brush up on my Japanese.
    Available from the Inventory Stockroom. They do a better job of describing Free & Easy then I could, here's what they have to say. 
"Japan's Free & Easy is a contemporary men's lifestyle magazine focusing on the rugged side of American Heritage. Launched in 1998, Free & Easy is an encyclopedia of what made the 20th Century American male so captivating. The magazine goes into incredible depth for every aspect of how to become and live as the most rugged man you can imagine. It features an incredible catalog of products, both new and vintage and shows you just how to wear your rugged digs."
Flipping through it while eating breakfast today.
Lee ad featuring James Dean


  1. It's a shame you spent so much on it. I usually get it at my local Japanese market for about $12-$13. I would say that if it's a rare find in your part of the world than it's worth every penny though. I really love this mag and it has really shaped my own personal style, taste, and lifestyle I aspire to. The Free & Easy life.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It's a life we can all aspire to. I did some web searching to see if I could find any sort of Japanese stores in town but no luck. I know my former Japanese teachers used to have mags in their classrooms so maybe I can ask around as 12-13 is a much better deal.