March 27, 2010

National Anthem

After reading the new Free & Easy I was reminded of Canadian brand National Anthem, which is made in Vancouver and they make a great assortment of basics in all sorts of materials that I like, taking inspiration from nautical and military styles. Unfortunately, the line is only available in Japan. They also have a couple sub brands, Nomadic and Chemise Nationale, the latter being a line of shirts inspired by early 20th century North American lifestyles. The prices still are very reasonable for a Canadian made product sold in Japan. I for one may be looking into finding a proxy to get a few of these items. Below are just a few of the products that they produce ranging from tops to bottoms to collaborations with Yuketen for footwear. Hopefully someone starts to carry this line in North America soon...
Button Down Shirts - Available in a variety of colours, patterns, and fabrics.
Round Collar Shirts - Variety of colours and fabrics.
Vintage Yard Duck Hunting Vest - Also available in other colours.
Cotton Work Shirt - I really like the speckled fabric on these.
Work Shirt - Selvedge detailing and plenty of colours to choose from.
Wool Flannel Combat Jacket - Based off a Canadian Forces Military jacket.
General Purpose Parka - Also based off Canadian Forces Military jackets. Fur accents as well.
Melton Coverall - I am seriously thinking about ordering this one. Also comes in navy.
Hunting Jacket - Cartridge pockets and water resilient fabric.
College Duffle - Made from melton wool and a little shorter than usual duffles. Also comes in olive.
Nautical Parka - Mac styled jacket that's water resilient.
Terry Shawl Trainer - Available in other colours. 
Terry Toggle Pullover - Available in other colours.
Herringbone Twill BDU Pants - Available in other colours and fabrics.
National Anthem by Yuketen - Suede and low-cut with a red brick sole.

Nomadic looks like it is National Anthem's preppy, ivy-league inspired collection.


  1. Wow! All great stuff. There's got a be a market for this stuff in N. America especially at those price points. I guess they would risk over saturation possibly. If I ran a shop I'd stock it. I love that striped polo. I've seen it many times in different mags.

  2. My birthday is coming up so maybe I can convince my gf to pick me up some of these items. Yeah I could see them not being able to supply the home market at these price points as there could be a lot of demand. Thanks.

  3. I absolutely adore that selvedge. Just fabulous.

  4. I bought a club collar Chemise Nationale chambray shirt and I love it! The boys at Explorer were a joy to work with. The shirt was in my hands in San Francisco in about 1 week. You can easily buy National Anthem from Japan through the Rakuten ecommerce site. No proxy needed.