March 25, 2010

Pick up: Woodward's Harris Tweed Blazer

I'm on a bit of a vintage shopping streak, and my bank balance is loving it. My most recent acquisition was a Woodward's Harris Tweed Blazer for $20. Under normal circumstances I'd be due for a trip to the tailor shortly after the pick up. However, fortunately for me, the blazer fit perfectly and no adjustments were necessary. My day got even better when I inspected the lining and saw a trademark Harris Tweed Orb. Harris Tweed is a luxury cloth handwoven in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland using local wool. It is protected by its own act of parliament and cannot be made anywhere other than the Outer Hebrides of Scotland if it is going to carry the Orb trade mark (wikipedia never fails me). I snapped a couple pictures of the coat and one of the Orb.

Is it blasphemous to reference an English song on a post with purely Scottish content?


  1. impressive tweed blazer. Where do you acquire these vintage goods?

  2. Hi there, thanks for the comment. I picked up this one at Decadence on Whyte. Other Vintage shops on Whyte include Divine and Robes & Relics. You could also check out Value Village on 34th or Swish downtown.