March 18, 2010

Thinking About: Wabash

For those looking for an alternative to chambray or hickory stripe, wabash fabric is another option. These are made from indigo dyed cotton with painted dots forming stripes. Here are a few options I have found. All of them are from Japanese brands but still available  in North America. I can see these shirts and jackets aging beautifully after some good wear and tear.
Joe McCoy Wabash Work Shirt £191.49
Joe McCoy Wabash Coverall Jacket £251.06
Flat Head Wabash Workshirt $290.00
Flat Head Wabash Coverall $350.00


  1. Nice. Anyone that knows where to source wabash stripe fabric?

  2. Unfortunately I don't know of anywhere but maybe a reader might be able to help if they see this. Thanks.