March 4, 2010

Pickup: L.L. Bean 6'' Bean Boots

Just in time for the slush of spring, these L.L. Bean 6'' Bean Boots arrived in the mail. I remember having a pair of duck boots when I was a little child that I would wear out to play in the backyard when it was raining. Now, 15 years later, I have another pair to do the same with. The boots were originally developed for "tromping around the backwoods of Maine" and as such feature a rubber bottom and a comfortable leather upper. They are still handmade in Maine and you can get them resoled later on if need be. L.L. Bean Signature released a waxed canvas version recently but I went for these for a more classic look. I plan on taking them on a test hike this weekend, along with wearing them around the city as the recent warm weather has melted the snow into a city-wide puddle. Be sure to check out Sartorially Inclined's project on the boots, appropriately named The Bean Boot Project.

On a side note, I tried to grab this vintage pair off eBay while I was waiting for the 6''s to come in but was outbid unfortunately. I think the vibram sole is pretty cool.There is another pair on eBay at the moment but the shipping to Canada is just too much.

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