August 31, 2010

Wings + Horns Spring/Summer 2011

I recently noticed that Wings + Horns updated their website with some pictures of both this upcoming season's gear along with next spring/summer's. Of all the seasons that I've followed Wings + Horns this may be my favourite yet. All the pieces look very wearable with standouts having to be the rust coloured trench and the various styles of pants. Despite them being a Canadian brand with production taking place in Canada I still have yet to own any of their pieces. This spring, that will hopefully change.


  1. I've never been a huge fan of Wings+Horns I guess because I've thought the pieces too like many other brands in regards to the workwear influence. I'm impressed to see how lived-in and everyday the seasons looks appear to be. I could see myself in some of these looks or least incorporate them into my existing wardrobe.

  2. Yeah I've seen quite a bit in person and tried on some pieces but never been quite sold on it.

  3. i like these a lot!
    and your blog!
    i hope you dont mind, i did a post on this and your blog as well. thanks for adding my tumblr too (iimono)