August 9, 2010

Montreal Pickups

I'm back from Montreal, and while all the good stories may not make it onto this blog, I can definitely say I had a great trip. Almost too good of a trip, leaving me limited time for shopping. Fortunately I did check out Rooney, and managed to snag the Our Legacy wallet I mentioned earlier along with 5 other items. I picked up a pair of Velour chinos and a Gitman s/s button down for myself and 3 other shirts for my brothers and a friend. The shop was everything I expected and more. I was helped by the owner, Alex Danino, on my first visit and another gentleman the second time I stopped by. Both of them were great guys and extremely helpful. My shopping was predominantly done at Rooney but I also grabbed a Gitman tie and Blick bowtie from Simon's and a Naked and Famous oxford elsewhere. Here's my stuff


  1. One of the city's on my must visit list for sure. Lovely stuff you brought back with you. I really love the Our Legacy brand but have never seen it up close. I've always wondered about the fit of the shirts. What's your take? How do they compare to Gitman vintage?

  2. Thank you. Our Legacy is becoming one of my favourite brands as well. I would size down one size from what you wear in Gitman Vintage i.e. I am a small in Gitman and an extra small in Our Legacy. I am looking to order an Our Legacy flannel for the fall in the next couple weeks and when that comes in, I can definitely give you a more precise measurement if you'd like.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. How is the fit on the Velour chinos? I saw them on Rooney's website and was wondering sizing reccomendation. Compare to what you may wear in say, Naked and Famous or Levi's?

  4. I can honestly say that the Velour chinos are the most comfortable pair of pants I own. I am a 30 in N&F, a 30 in Levi's and a 29 in Velour. This is probably because the chinos are partly made of elastane which makes them a little stretchy. Also keep in mind that I sized down about a size in N&F as I figured the denim would stretch quite bit and it did.
    Thanks for the comment