August 24, 2010

Chemise Nationale Wabash Workshirt

Another great item from the National Anthem camp is this wabash workshirt. I've mentioned before that wabash is a nice alternative to chambray and not as common. This one is more affordable than the ones I posted before and it's made in Canada to boot. Now that the weather is starting to cool this would be a great addition to any wardrobe. Available through Rakuten.
Pocket design
A semi-floating pocket. Apparently originally designed to stop your money and tobacco from getting wet.
A close up shot of the wabash fabric
The reverse side of the fabric


  1. Will some one please stock National Anthem in N.America?!

  2. Haha hopefully Inventory brings in some more pieces or someone else picks up the bill soon.

  3. Where is the semi floating pocket on the shirt?

  4. I believe it is the wearer's left breast pocket.