September 11, 2010

Pickup: L.L. Bean Signature Featherweight Hunting Jacket

A few weeks ago I was thinking about some fall essentials that I needed. One of them was a fall jacket. I thought about getting a Barbour but then decided I'd rather save my money so I can go back to Japan next summer. When I saw that this jacket was on sale I was pretty much set. I emailed LL Bean to ask for measurement differences in the 2 sizes I was deciding between and they emailed back within 5 minutes. I was quite impressed. The jacket features 2 flap pockets, a small chest pocket and a back game pocket. I'm not really sure what to do with the game pocket but I've already used to it haul my clothes to the tennis center.

Back pocket entrance to game pocket
Arm pit ventilation
Inside entrance to game pocket and waist draw string


  1. This is a great looking jacket. I would love this in navy.

  2. It's available in navy too. Also it's not overly warm for your warmer climate.

  3. Let me ask you, what is your height? Choosing between small and medium.

  4. Love it. Too bad the Signature stuff is cut so slim. My shoulders are as wide as a Mac Truck.

  5. Opposite problem of me. My shoulders are quite narrow. Thanks for reading!