January 12, 2010

Pickup: Rufflentuck Bow Tie

Thanks to a tip from 10engines I grabbed a Rufflentuck Alberta Tartan Bow Tie for a very reasonable 8 dollars including shipping. Rufflentuck is run by Rosemary who makes all the bow ties and other goods. She says that she is running out of bow ties due to high demands and is in the process of making some more so keep your eyes peeled. The shop is based in Smith Falls, Ontario and proudly made in Canada. Today was the first time I have ever tied a bow tie and to be honest, it took a while. Below is a video of Alexander Olch (who makes a fine tie himself) explaining how to properly tie a bow tie. As he explains, one of the joys of a bow tie is that it doesn't have to be perfectly tied.  According to the Government of Alberta, here is what the colours in the Alberta Tartan represent:

  • Green - Alberta’s forests
  • Gold - Alberta’s wheat fields
  • Blue - Alberta’s clear skies and sparkling lakes
  • Pink - Alberta’s wild rose
  • Black - Alberta’s coal and petroleum.

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