January 24, 2010

Getting Suited for Mexico #2: Sea Water Rinse

In the summer I came across an interesting idea when reading up on APC denim. All pairs of APC jeans come with a list of different "recipes" for denim washing. The recipe that caught my eye is called the "seawater rinse": Let your jeans get dirty for as long as possible, go swimming in the ocean wearing your jeans, rub your jeans with dry sand, and repeat several times, rinse in fresh (not salt) water and let dry in the sun. I've decided to try this out while in Mexico as I am yet to wash my Naked and Famous jeans after purchasing them in the summer. Although my jeans will only have been worn regularly (5-6 times a week) for about 4 months come reading week, I figured this would be one of my few opportunities to give them a soak in the ocean. I'll post pictures of the process after the trip. Wish me luck. Below is a list of all the APC recipes.


  1. yo that's fuckin badass. now i'm thinkin' i should give mine a wash in the Nile haha

  2. I haven't washed mine either. Maybe I'll join you...