January 20, 2010

Attire: Inspired by Pokemon

I was watching Pokemon while eating breakfast yesterday (that's normal right?). One of the secondary characters was killing it in an outfit that pretty much looked exactly like this. Red varsity jacket, pastel orange button up, grey slacks and some sneakers. While this might not be appropriate for the weather right now, come spring/summer expect to see me wearing something similar to this.

Jacket (approx $500.00) - Supreme. Shirt ($80.00) - Polo Ralph Lauren. Pants ($248.00 CAD) - Wings+Horns. Belt ($22.50) - J. Crew. Sneakers ($100.00) - Asics.

1 comment:

  1. LOL of course your watching pokemon, i like the jacket, I would go with red and blue tigers for the shoes though. Just a thought