September 29, 2011

Pickups from Japan: Part 2 - Magazines

Next up on my recap of items that I picked up in Japan are a bunch of magazines. Many people know that Japanese mags are incredible when it comes to how much detail they provide. The cost of buying them in Japan is, not surprisingly, much cheaper than buying them in Canada so I stocked up. Now, while I can only read a fraction of the text (my kanji skills are lacking), these magazines still provide great visuals and lots of inspiration. Clockwise from top-left the magazines are 
1. Casa Brutus: a design magazine mostly focused on interior design
2. Il Bisonte: gives a little tour of the factory, pictures of Il Bisonte's Japanese retail staff's gear, and a catalogue of new items. Andrea got this as it came with a Il Bisonte tote bag and bracelet, but she gave me the magazine after flipping through it.
3. Brutus: I grabbed this back issue when I was in the Truck store as it focuses on Tokuhiko Kise and Hiromi Karatsu's house, the couple behind the brand.
4. Beams Man A/W 2011 Style Guidebook: This was free from the Beams store I visited in Shinjuku. Nice editorials and it showcases some of their new items.
5. Outdoor Style Go Out: a magazine dealing with outdoor style and all that goes with it. Street style shots, gear reviews, trip recaps etc. It's one of my favourites
6. Leon: a magazine focusing mostly on Italian style. I also happened to see the man who runs the magazine outside a cafe in Nakameguro and some Japanese dudes in suits stopped to take a picture with him.