September 10, 2011

Ito 2011

While we were planning our trip we knew that we wanted to spend some time in a smaller town, preferably somewhere with a beach. After a little research looking for places with affordable accommodation we decided to visit the town of Ito. The slower pace of life was much appreciated. We spent our days relaxing at the beach and sleeping in.
We stayed in a 100 year old building that had been converted into a hostel last year. Every room had tatami flooring and futons that you rolled out every night.
Most people had a tent set up at the beach to avoid the intense heat of the sun. We weren't so fortunate
More manhole covers
I am a big fan of the melon drinks in Japan. This was an afternoon snack one day from 7-11
One of the Izakayas that we visited on our trip. This one had a great special set for those staying at the hostel
Every afternoon after visiting the beach we would stroll around the seaside taking in the fresh ocean air

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