September 15, 2010

Trip to China 2010

 As some of you may know I spent a month of this summer in China. I went with my girlfriend's family and our entire travelling party was 12 people. Although it was incredibly hot I had a blast the entire time. Here are some shots from the trip.
We had a layover in Vancouver on the way so we hopped on the skytrain to get some dimsum in Richmond
The Beijing airport
Leftover peppers from the soup we had the first night we arrived
At Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City
Group of kids dressed up in miltary clothes at the Great Wall
Army surplus flea market
At the Summer Palace
Pomegranete trees were everywhere
Our Beijing tourguide Rocky
Street vendor making a stamp for Andrea
Our Tai Chi instructer
Drum performance at the bell tower
Olympic grounds
The CCTV building on the right and the burnt Madarin Oriental hotel on the left. Apparently the CCTV building had a party of top of their roof and some fireworks hit the Madarin shortly before it was supposed to open and now it uninhabitable
City wall of Xian
Terra cotta warriors
Plane ride above Guilin
Our Guilin tourguide Charlie
We spent a few hours cruising down the Li River near Guilin
Snake wine
We were advised not to join the locals in swimming in the river in town
Panda at the zoo in Chongqing
View of Chongqing. Our Yangtze River cruise took off from here.
On one of the excursions we got to go on some little boats up a nice side stream.
In the shallower sections the rowers got out and pulled.
The men of the trip
Acrobatic show
One of the mornings in Shanghai I took the train to visit my cousin and his wife who've been living in Suzhou for 8 years.
Taste of home at the Canadian pavillion at the Shanghai World Expo
The whole building was made of cedar and as such smelled beautifully. It was a nice reprise from all the Chinese food to eat a burger, poutine and draft beer inside.
I was a Digimon fan as a kid so I had to take a picture of this
A tea farm in Hangzhou we visited and stocked up on longjing at
View from our hotel in Hong Kong. Andrea's family is from Hong Kong so we stayed here for a week, which was much longer than we stayed in any other city.
The total for this entire meal was around $3.50 Canadian
There was a typhoon while we were there
Gondola ride up to see the giant Buddha
Frog on a lilypad


  1. Great post! I really enjoyed that panda photo. It's been a couple years since my visit to China. I recognized the Hangzhou tea farm, having stopped there during my tour. I had to order a burger in one of the hotels I stayed in because I was getting tired of the same Chinese food as well.

  2. Thanks! I hope I can go back one day soon and see how much it changes.

  3. "We has a layover in Vancouver"
    haha looks like China rubbed off on you a little bit Chris

  4. Ah that's the typo Cara was talking about. Thanks Kurtis

  5. Who gives a ...... about China?????

  6. wow!! such great photos!!
    looks like you had an amazing trip!
    its so historical and beautiful looking.
    i like the pictures of the mountains :-)

  7. Thanks, the mountain regions were some of my favourites.

  8. Is that starfish and seahorse on the stick? eatable? How does it taste?
    i would love to go back to China again, especially Nanjing, they got a very beautiful landscape.

  9. I was advised against trying it. My guide said that even the locals don't eat it and that they are mostly to intrigue western tourists. But they are edible apparently.