June 21, 2010

Willmore National Park

I took this picture while driving on the highway.

View from the hike up.

The view we woke up to both mornings.


Chris climbing a tree to hang the food.
This is the only water source we could use to filter water. We also filled zip-lock bags with snow to carry it around until it melted.
View from the peak we reached for lunch. If you look close enough you can see our tents.
Sam hiking along the ridge.
Taking in the view from the final peak we reached.
Chris hiking along the ridge.
Relaxing after getting back to camp.
Fully packed pack.
We got lost on the hike out.
Paul following some animal paths.
Hiking attire.
Finally reaching the road.
Lunch at rock lake
The train at the A&W in Hinton was for sale.

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