June 8, 2010

Swim Trunks

Now that the LSAT is over, summer has really begun for us here at Up North and you can probably expect more regular posting from now on. I thought I'd start off with a summer orientated post, highlighting the swim trunks that I own. I prefer shorter cut to my swimsuits, I'm not really into the long baggy board shorts. The first, which I recently acquired, are a madras pair of J. Crew trunks. For some reason there still isn't a J. Crew in Canada but occasionally they will offer free shipping to Canada; import duties still do some damage though. The second pair are from Original Penguin which I picked up in LA on my way to Australia a couple years ago. They've lasted me well and the short inseams have attracted quite a few comments, both negative and positive. What I generally look for is an adjustable waistband and a pocket big enough to hold a hotel key.
Here are a few others that I like

Club Monaco


  1. These are great options although I've never been a fan of the mesh lining. It just doesn't seem appropriate for anyone over like 12 yrs old. It feels like your kinda wearing a diaper or something.

  2. Ha I think I just might be used to them. The mesh on the J. Crew ones is less noticeable when you wear them.