April 10, 2010

Pickup: Pointer Brand Gear

After talking about hickory stripe pants multiple times I have finally been able to get my hands on a pair. Manav's brother gave me a pair as well but these are from Pointer Brand. Based in Bristol, TN, they have been making workwear garments since 1913. Their mission statement is "Pointer Brand is for everyone at every age.
It is the best fitting, most comfortable denim clothing made. Our loyal customers trust the quality workmanship, classic styles and great price. Our employees are committed, dedicated and deliver on time. We represent the phrase,Made in America" .The hickory stripe pants may not be for everyone as they are not cut very slim but I like to vary the fit of my pants and they feel well-made and sturdy. I also grabbed an apron for cooking in. The prices they offer are very inexpensive, the hickory stripe jeans are $37 and the apron is $13. 


  1. HI - i stumbled upon your site while looking for sassafras on google - then i see you've got a post on Pointer! I've got those same pants and two chore coats - denim and white duck. great blog... keep it up! DinTX

  2. hey, nice blog. I too am a fan of Pointer, but do not own any of the pants.

  3. Thanks, if you do decide to get a pair they fit a little small. So be sure to order true to size or even size up. I had to return the first pair that I ordered as they were too small.