April 5, 2010

Easter on the Farm

This Easter weekend I headed out to my grandparents farm in rural Alberta. When I was younger I used to stay out there for extended periods of time and I still love coming back. It's classified as a llama farm but they also keep cows, chickens, peacocks, peasants, and chuckers. I figured I'd take the opportunity to take some pictures from the trip. 

Rex is in need of a trim.
My grandpa, Lloyd, giving Rex a pet.
My grandma and mom.
The burning pile. One of his trucks went up in flames last year from an electrical fire while dumping a load off here.
They had a tornado a few years ago and there are still signs of it.
Aero having fun in the countryside.
My grandpa and father.
Aero playing in the snow.
We found some antlers.
Skull of a dead cow. This was from last year. Apparently cows like to lie in the mud when they want to die. My grandpa pulled her out once with a tractor but when back an hour later and she was back in it but dead.
1951 Chevy.
The quonset.
Happy the cat. He stays outside or in the quonset. 
One of the old satellite dishes.
He built the windmill last year for a little project.
View from inside the llama building.
View of the gully and some llamas.
I used to sit on these rocks for hours and watch the llamas.


  1. This is so great. My grandfolks have property 'up north' too -- but where I'm from that means northern Michigan. 'Sitting on the rocks watching llamas' sounds great.

  2. Thanks! I have lots of fun every time I'm there.