February 4, 2010

Gant Rugger

The first time I encountered Gant was when my friend Chris and I were at Winner's looking for random stuff (Team China basketball jerseys) we found this shirt that just said Gant across the front. We thought it was some sort of joke and slang word we had never heard before. Unbeknownst to us was that Gant is/was a large player in American sportswear. Fast forward to today where I am looking at the newly brought back Gant Rugger, who's website launched earlier this week, I am liking what I am seeing. Rugger is Gant's more youthful causal line and their website stays true to that. Their offerings are pretty consistent with what I wear in the summer whether it be madras & oxford cloth shirts to chinos. They're even offering a selvedge oxford cloth shirt which has definitely shot up my 'to buy' list. Apparently you can pick their stuff up at Epaulet or in Edmonton at Glam Slam and Harry Rosen

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