April 24, 2012

Pickup: Items from Italy

I've just finished my first year of studying law at UBC so I finally have some free time on my hands. Here are some of the items that I purchased during my trip to Italy in February that I never got around to posting until now. I picked up 3 shirts from a shop in Cortona called BAM. One was a spread collar navy gingham seersucker shirt from the house brand and two were spread collar dress shirts by Brooksfield. All of these shirts fit fantastically and will be great for my job this summer. I also bought a grey wool scarf from a street market in Florence which probably won't get much wear again until next fall. 
Andrea grabbed this cordovan belt for me from Maldetti Toscani during her last few weeks in Cortona. 
Locally-made ceramic bowl from a shop in Cortona 
Wine, chocolate, and pistachio butter

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