March 20, 2012


The last stop on my trip to Italy was Florence. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it certainly lived up to that standing. I never get tired of  the cobblestone streets in Europe. The crooked winding streets add a level of charm that can't be replicated in Canada. Following maps is not as easy and you end up wandering around until you arrive at your destination. Asides from seeing the main sites of the city we also visited Pisa as well as a wine tour in Chianti. The trip was a great time; being able to spend time with both Andrea and my family was one of the best parts. 
On top of the Duomo
Black sesame and stracciatella gelato. Two of my favourite flavours.
After seeing this post on Brian Ferry's blog I made sure to visit Trattoria Coco Lezzone. It certainly was delicious. 
Turtle support
Outside the winery we visited
Soccer pitch in a small town 
Vineyard and olive trees
My last night in town we sat outside, drank beers, and enjoyed the crisp air of a February evening.  


  1. Fabulous pics and commentary Chris!

  2. The soccer pitch is an incredible photo - well done