August 3, 2011

Pickup: Dress Shirts from Vegas

 To start me on my dress shirt hunt Andrea got me these in Vegas as well. The J Crew one fits me pretty well off the rack, is a slim cut, and has a point collar. 
This Brooks Brothers tattersall shirt is advertised as a slim fit but is still baggy on me so it will need to be taken in. 
This Brooks Brothers pink button-down has the same problem and will need to be taken to the tailor as well. Otherwise the shirt is a nice collar and will look good with a blazer and some chinos. 


  1. Who do you go to for tailoring in Edmonton?

  2. I used to go to whitemud tailors and was happy with their work. However they have recently sold the business to a new, younger couple who I don't have much experience with. My girlfriends brother has used them lots and seems pleased though. Now I'll have to find a tailor in Vancouver