June 13, 2011

Thinking About: Dress Shirts

     Now that I am starting a more professional degree at school I'm starting to think I need more than one dress shirt in my closet. The only one that I do have I mentioned here, and while nice, not all the measurements were quite correct so it is a little tight in the chest and loose around the neck. Some of the details that I am looking for start with a solid light blue fabric. I have quite pale skin, being red headed and all, so I think light blue will look better than the stark contrast of white. As for the type of weave, I'm thinking a broadcloth, poplin, or twill. A slim fit but not skinny. A higher medium-spread collar for my long neck and skinny face. Barrel cuffs as they are more versatile. Mother of pearl buttons would also be nice.
     Realistically I will have to try some shirts on before I make any judgement and tailoring will probably also be necessary to achieve a better fit. Here are some I am looking at at the moment. Once I figure out my proper neck size and sleeve length, something I should have done a long time ago, ordering shirts online will become much easier. I will also consider another online made-to-measure attempt. I will post my findings here as they happen.

One of Eddie's, a local menswear shop, house-brand shirts

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