October 24, 2010

Thanksgiving in Drumheller

 A couple weekends ago I headed down to my Grandparent's house for Thanksgiving. I usually head out there once or twice a year and I've grown to appreciate it more and more as I've gotten older. Spending time with family, hanging out in the garden and just spending lots of time outdoors makes for a pretty great Thanksgiving in my books.
 My Uncle Alec and a sign he had found decades ago
 Pasture for the horses.
 Everytime we go to Drum we walk up and down the driveway hunting for golfballs as the neighbouring property is a golf course.
 Almost everyone who has gone to Drumheller has been to this little church. Fun Fact - my dad worked as it's janitor when he was a kid.
 Royal Tyrrell Museum in the distance
 When I was a kid I used to spend whole days exploring the hills and gulleys of the badlands.
 The spoils of the day.
 My Grandpa grabbing us some vegetables to take home.
 Horse stables
We're all betting on when this will fall over, although it's been like this for years. 
The Red Deer River 
Aero after going for a swim.
Relaxing in the backyard. A great way to spend the morning.

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