October 27, 2010

Attire: Snowy October

After having a very warm start to the fall it has finally cooled down in Edmonton. There's already snow on the ground and the temperature is just below the zero mark. Once it gets a little colder a warmer jacket will need to be pulled out of the closet but until then a shirt jacket and a down vest will do just fine.

Down Vest - Wings & Horns ($330.00 CAD)
Shirt Jacket - Filson ($82.00 CAD)
Shirt - Sassafras ($280.00 CAD)
     I'm liking the pockets on this denim shirt from Sassafras.
Pants - Our Legacy ($280.00 CAD)
     These chinos are made from water repellant wool and would be great for when the snow is falling.
Shoes - Clarks ($140.00)
Socks - Wigwam ($13.00)
Scarf - Gap ($25.00 CAD)


  1. Nice look, Chris. How do you find the Clarks DBs for wintry use? I was just about to retire mine for the season (snow falling here in northern Finland too).

  2. Hey Scott, I'll get Manav to answer this as he wore his all last winter. Thanks for reading.

  3. Hi Scott, I have a pair of leather DBs myself and I wear them year round. Im going into my second winter with them and they're in great shape. Winter also helps with getting your leather worn in if you want a nice aged look. My only suggestion would be to be careful of days where it is overly muddy as the crepe soles don't deal too well with mud. Thanks for the comment and let me know if you have any other questions!