August 26, 2012


Earlier this summer Andrea and I headed to Europe for a two week vacation. The first stop of the trip was Munich, where we spent a few nights. After arriving and settling in at our accommodation we headed to the city centre to spend the rest of the day while trying to beat jetlag. We spent the next day strolling around the Englischer Garten. The park itself was incredible. Small rivers where people can swim and surf. Wide expanses of grass for picnics and beer gardens to enjoy the local wheat beer. That afternoon we also visited the BMW museum where we got to see various models from the company's history. One of my friends had just came back from a 6-week trip around Europe. He recommended that we visit Neuschwanstein castle so that was how we spent our last day in Bavaria.


  1. whoa the last shot of the castle looks incredible. never heard of it, great suggestion. would love to see some river surfing

  2. Apparently it is what the Disney castle is based on.