July 10, 2012

Pickup: Summer Nikes

Edmonton, just like most of North America, is currently going through a heat wave. This includes humidex warnings which are usually unheard of around here. Both the AC and the water systems broke down at work yesterday so we were sent home early. Lunch on Whyte with Manav and some coworkers before hiding from the heat in my basement made for an awesome Monday. In a couple weeks I'll be heading back to Europe for a short summer vacation with Andrea. These Nike Frees will come in handy for strolling the streets of Munich, Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam. Also, last year I started playing soccer on a team for the first time (I played baseball as a kid). I went the entire year without cleats so one of the first things I bought this summer were a pair of Nike Mercurials. Hopefully they help stop me from sliding all over the place.


  1. really cool, great colours, so bright. i'm looking at getting a pair of free runs

  2. Thanks Mat. They're really comfy but I won't be using them for running as I am still using my Merrells. Let me know how you like them if you get a pair.