June 6, 2012

Pickup: The Knottery Knit Ties

Earlier this summer I started a new job and upon starting I found out that I had to wear a tie four days a week. I had only packed two ties with me but Andrea's grandfather was nice enough to gift me several. It was also a good excuse to pick up a couple of knit ties from The Knottery. The ties came in just in time for me to test them out at the YWCA Edmonton Women of Distinction award's night where Andrea's mom was nominated for an award. Some of the ties come in various widths so I chose a 2.25" for the navy and a 3" for the brown to test out which I like better. After wearing both I haven't decided yet. While I'm no expert in judging the quality of a tie they seem to be fine, especially for the price of $25. 

Kurtis and I before the event

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