July 6, 2011

Canada Day Long Weekend

This past weekend in Canada was the Canada Day long weekend. I got Thursday off work as well so Andrea, my sister, and I packed up and headed to meet up with my family at my grandparent's farm south of Red Deer. After a couple of hours and a stop at the Donut Mill we arrived to the sound of air rifles blasting away as my cousin and his friends were running around shooting each other with pellets.
The next morning we headed to the village of Delburne, which has a population of around 800 and it's where my Mom went to high school. We lined up for the Canada Day pancake breakfast, with the local Elks club flipping the pancakes and cooking the eggs and sausages for everyone. 
After breakfast the town headed out to watch the parade. The kids would run out and collect all the candy that was tossed. Although that didn't stop the rest of us from joining in as well.
My other grandparents drove out to visit for an evening as well. Sitting beside the fire.
Country roads
Andrea and I stopped in Calgary on the way home to have lunch with her relatives. We visited the zoo afterwards to enjoy the sun. Much like these hippos. 


  1. These are great pictures. Canada is definitely one of the most beautiful places I've been. Vancouver especially is one of my favorites, but after looking at your pictures I think I may want to head to where you were soon!

    Happy Belated Canada Day!!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. I will miss the blue skies when I move out west.