May 24, 2011

Pickup: MEC Klettersack 40th Edition

This pack was originally released in 1980 for $25 and now is being rereleased as a limited edition, 1000 of each colour, for $29. The rerelease is to coincide with MEC's 40th anniversary. Featuring leather details, a top pocket, and a classic outdoors design this bag is a steal.


  1. do i need another pack.. do i? i think i do.. it's all your fault.

  2. haha the same thought went through my head when I saw these at the store. I have too many packs...

  3. Crap. Posted a long review of the bag, but it screwed up when I tried to authenticate!

    Anyhow, the highlight reel:

    • Good back, decent construction
    • Cheap
    • No spindrift collar (basic cinch an lose small items when bag inverted)
    • Removable waist belt is great
    • Good cheap platform for DIY mods or hacks (I'm going to add a pack-cloth liner/collar to the main compartment).
    • No sternum strap (boo)
    • Attachment points are not leather - they're synthetic, and feel kinda cheesy, but they're alright for light-duty hauling.

  4. Also should note that I ordered this bag for primary bag use, relegating the MEC klettersack to backup/secondary bag status.

    Topo Designs Klettersack:

  5. Thanks for the review! I've only used it a couple of times. Mostly for camping and hiking trips with not too large of a load. It's held up well so far but it's definitely not perfect. The lack of sternum straps bothered me as well. I've been eyeing some Topo bags as well. Nice pickup with their Klettersack.