April 1, 2011

Chino Shorts

At the top of my list of clothing to buy for this summer is a pair of chino shorts. I'm still trying to decide which ones I like best so if anyone has any insight please feel free to comment. Here are some in the running at the moment.
Polo Ralph Lauren - Preston Tissue Chino Short
LL Bean Signature - Sportsman Chino Short
Gant Rugger  - Vintage Chino Shorts from Rooney
J Crew 7" Broken-in Chino Shorts


  1. not as light as the ones you posted but...look at that selvedge

  2. Nice find. Those are pretty nice, thanks

  3. Sid Mashburn has a pair of canvas shorts...I've had my eye on them for a while.

  4. Yeah I saw those last week as well. They look beautiful and are definitely near the top of the list. Thanks!