January 9, 2011

Pickup: Winter Sale Season

While I was in the mountains over the holidays, Andrea was in Vegas and she was nice enough to do a little shopping for me
Engineered Garments 19th Century Button Down in White Diamond Dobby
Woolrich John, Rich and Bros Thin Cotton Flannel Shirt
RRL Navajo Print Henley
Ties from Barneys and J. Crew


  1. Wow, beautiful pieces. Curious as to where in Vegas these were picked up? Going soon.

  2. The Woolrich shirt is from a shop called Scoop in the Caesar's The Forum Shops. The rest asides from the J. Crew tie is from Barney's.

  3. Nice! I've always wanted to know what the Diamond Dobby looked like up close. Most pic's online don't show the detail. It's got a visvim-y vibe to it.

  4. Thanks. Yeah the shirt looks like a plain white shirt from afar. It's not until pretty close up that you notice the detail.