February 2, 2011


Since the beginning of the Christmas season, I've managed to pick up a fair amount of accessories and other small items. I've always felt that accessories can go a long way in shaping a nice outfit and I have always given them particular attention. And while I'm skeptical of the term "accessorising," to me, the concept does hold some significance. A big thanks to my friends and family as a few of these items were gifts! The rest of the credit goes to my inability to save money.

These Paul Smith cufflinks were a gift from my girlfriend. I've been a fan of Paul Smith for a long time and couldn't have been happier when I unwrapped these. They're pretty bang on with what I wanted in terms of a basic size and shape. And its hard to go wrong with Paul Smith's signature stripes when you're looking for colour.

My older brother picked up this 1 inch tie bar for me as part of my Christmas present. He found a reference to the www.TheTieBar.com on Valet and ordered this one at a very affordable price. It's pretty versatile as it can be worn casually or dressed up depending on the occasion and size of tie. I would definitely recommend The Tie Bar if you're on a budget as all tie bars are only $15.

This classic Moleskine notebook was a gift from a friend of mine. Many of you probably use Moleskines, but for those that have only heard of their "legendary notebooks," I've got to say, they are pretty legendary.

I picked up this white pocket square from Club Monaco for $20. I needed a standard white pocket square and this one and its squared detailing do the trick.
The vintage woven belt is also Club Monaco, which I grabbed off this fine gentleman. The heavy gold buckle was the deciding factor in that purchase. Secondly, although I hadn't bought anything from Urban Oufitters in a very long time, I grabbed this D-ring belt from there. Surprisingly, its my first ring belt and I'm quite happy with the way it looks with a pair of chinos.

This knit toque is Oliver Spencer and I picked it up from Gravity Pope on boxing day. Much warmer in the -30C Edmonton weather than the GAP toque I used to wear.
Flask from J Crew. This is also from my older brother and he picked it up on his recent visit to NYC. I'm hoping the leather ages well and I fully intend on speeding up the process by using it frequently!

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