December 16, 2010

Read: ku:nel

 ku:nel is a Japanese magazine focused on the slower things in life. It's filled with all sorts of things from home-cooking recipes, gardening inspiration, simple interiors, and various things to do with a sustainable lifestyle in general. The magazine is also known for the simple and beautiful photography. While the distribution of Japanese magazines in Edmonton is slim to none, I was ordering Andrea some knick knacks from Japan for Christmas and decided to pick myself up an issue at the same time. I ordered issue 45, a back issue from September this year, due to the photo on the cover. The focus of this particular issue is "green by the windows" and the best part, which was a surprise for me as I did not know about it until I had the issue in my hands, is that the main feature is on Kise and Hiromi Tokuhiko, the couple behind the Japanese furniture brand Truck and Bird cafe, and their home in Osaka. After reading about Truck in issue 30 of Monocle I've been quite intrigued by the brand. The furniture itself is great, as are the images on their website and in their catalogues. Other highlights from the issue include, as the theme would lead, plant filled rooms with lots of natural lighting, and various recipes.  I got my issue from the shop UGUiSU who ships all over the world.

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